Gemini-3h space pledged dynamic

Similar to previous thread for Gemini-3g, let’s observe how the amount on space pledged evolves during Gemini-3h.
Below is space up to block 202 479 on the x-axis are block numbers and y-axis is Tibibytes. The first 110 000 blocks are cropped because solution range adjustment wasn’t enabled.


24 hrs after rewards activated update (up to block 216650):

Here 's the evolution of Gemini-3g into Gemini-3h (x-axis is days, y-axis is TiB). Fascinating to see how farmers moved within a few days!

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Latest update up to block 293602. The maximum space pledged achieved so far is 18694 TiB

Broke the new record: 20 479 TiB

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Gemini-3h has reached double the space pledged of Gemini-3g at its peak!

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Update up to block 483 824. The maximum space pledged reached is 31 298 TiB and in total the growth has been a little below 1 PiB per day.

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Thanks @dariolina . Please keep us updated on the netspace growth report. I hope it’ll be slowing down a bit so I still have my chance :slight_smile:


Closing in on 40 PiB! Max reached so far up to block 539 798 is 37 484 TiB

We have briefly crossed 50 PiB with 51 433.1 Tebibytes max!

Long time no see! The max space pledged has now reached 61 198 TiB! The drop you see in the graphic was around Mar 20 where an upgrade was released that broke compatibility with older releases. We can see that the network quickly upgraded and restored, good job community!

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It’s been a while since my last update and the network has crossed 86 899 TiB of space pledged and continues to grow! Graph until block 1 008 855:


Gemini-3h has now reached max space pledged of 120 701 TiB (117.872 Pib). Graph until block 1 325 429:

The average daily growth of the 85 days the network has been live after Gemini-3g incentivization stopped has been around 1.3 PiB/day.

Thank you. How about now?