Exploring New Frontiers in AI: Unleashing the Potential of GPTs in the Subspace Realm!

Are you familiar with GPT chat? :thinking: Well, now you can create your own versions of ChatGPT (GPTs), tailored for specific purposes! :rocket: :

— You can integrate data from your databases and API interfaces from websites (and, for instance, use only these to ensure only necessary/verified information is involved) :globe_with_meridians:
— Plus, you have the option to connect third-party services, unlocking new and exciting possibilities. :star2:
— And the best part? It doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge (or just a very minimal amount for more advanced projects). :hammer_and_wrench:

:robot: Have you ever had brilliant ideas for implementing bots, assistants, parsers, but felt overwhelmed by the complexity? Maybe you abandoned these ideas or stopped mid-way. Now, I believe it will be much easier to bring these concepts to life.

:bulb: For those bursting with ideas, or if you’re already working on something fascinating, it would be great to discuss it here. :speaking_head:

:test_tube: These are thoughts/ideas - what information can be interacted with: To explore this or another subspace info : website, chain scan, documents. Mix it with general, third-party resources, web 2,web3.
There are numerous possibilities, but now we need your intriguing ideas. :milky_way: If you have thoughts on how to use this effectively, let’s experiment !

The idea of a contest seems intriguing: I’ll ask and discuss it. To understand what can be achieved, here are the requirements: