Apr-18 release farmer didn't plot


using apr-18 release farmer plot new files didn’t get any reward. as a contrast, files plotted previous receive a lot rewards.

System Information

windows 10

Actual Results:

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Are you using HDD or SSD?

Yes,SSD. I know somebody use simple CLI get some rewards. Are there any report that use advance CLI and plot brandnew files receive rewards?

Yes we know the advanced cli is working, because the simple cli is just a wrapper for the advanced cli, did you verify your settings are updated because some of the launch parameters for the advanced way have changed over time

Thank you for your reply. I download apr-21 release.Delete plot files and C:\Users.…\AppData\Local\subspace-farmer fold.Then start node and farmer.The farmer didn’t plot.I asked for Chinese channel to test it. Would report later.

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community member reported advanced CLI farmer didn’t work too. It stops here.He use apr-21 release.

Can you provide their launch parameters and hardware specifications?