Synchronization problem

Failed to process consensus block error=Application(“Failed to generate fraud proof: Error at calling runtime api: Api called for an unknown Block: State already discarded for 0xd665d75402636ba8b73ef4f26ba024dbafb80e6e1d8b096e7aaad09be40c660e”)
2023-12-19T06:56:58.142936Z [Domain] Essential task domain-operator-worker failed. Shutting down service.
2023-12-19T06:56:58.143094Z [Domain] Domain starter exited with an error Other(“Essential task failed.”)
2023-12-19T06:56:58.143116Z [Domain] Essential task domain failed. Shutting down service.
Error: SubstrateService(Other(“Essential task failed.”))

@ved @ning PTAL at this

@jiaxin_sun I think I know why this happened but just confirm my theory, can you post here the comand you used to start the node please?

@jiaxin_sun Does this error happen during syncing? please also provide more logs before this error happens.


cd /home/ps/subspace

./sub --chain gemini-3g --name test --base-path /mnt/md0/subspace_data/ – --domain-id 1 --operator-id 111 --chain gemini-3g --bootnodes /ip4/ --bootnodes /ip4/ --bootnodes /ip4/ --bootnodes /ip4/ --keystore-path /home/ps/subspace/keystore/


This problem occurred during the synchronization process, and now I have respecified the data directory to synchronize from 0