Synchronization can't catch up with block height after plotting

Issue Report


  • **Operating System:W10
  • **CPU Architecture:Comet Lake
  • **RAM:20 GB DCH DDR4
  • **Storage:2.0 TB sata ssd
  • **Plot Size:*1.3 TB *
  • **Subspace Deployment Method:0.3.2 Cli


At the time of the creation of the raft, synchronization stops and the node can no longer catch up with the blocks

Steps to reproduce

  1. Waited over 1 hour
  2. Restart

Expected result

  1. No change, blocks are not catching up, 20 blocks behind.
  2. No change, blocks are not catching up, 20 blocks behind.

please let me see your logs if your on windows they will be located at %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/subspace-cli/logs

Hello. I have already deleted this node and am syncing again, but a similar error occurred on my second computer. Synchronization has reached the end, the farmer has turned on and that’s it. Allegedly, a raft is being created, but telemetry synchronization has stopped. I will send new logs soon.


Again when creating a raft, synchronization constantly lags behind

After the restart, the synchronization process constantly lags behind and the raft does not start to fill up

Also, in the process of creating a raft on Windows 10, the node takes about 16 gigabytes of RAM

I see that you reset your node on telemetry. Let me know if it gets stuck again. I didnt see anything too concerning on your last node, lets hope this attempt gets synced with no issues :smiley: