No more awards. Gemini-3e, subspace-cli 0.5.0-alpha

Issue Report


  • Operating System: Linux 20.04
  • CPU Architecture: Intel i7-3630qm
  • RAM: 8Gb
  • Storage: 240Gb (node+system) + 480Gb (plott-storage)
  • Plot Size: 449Gb
  • Subspace Deployment Method: Building a binary from the repository. Version 0.5.0-alpha


When you synchronize a plott above a certain size, the rewards stop being calculated. In particular, on this computer, the plott was synced to about 210GB out of a possible 449GB. Up to about 200GB, the rewards were added. Everything is fine in the logs - node synchronization is going on and plott sectors are being generated.
On neighboring computers, the awards are still accruing, but as the size of the plott increases, the accrual rate drops. So, on e3-1280v5/16Gb and synced about 360Gb of 1900Gb, Ryzen 9 5950x/128Gb, synced 1.1Tb of 44.4Tb, the award is accrued, but by the feeling, they are waiting for the fate of the first computer.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Look in the log
  2. See no reward
  3. Write to the forum

Expected result

Receive a reward in proportion to the synchronized plot, rather than wondering at what volume the reward will cease to accrue

What happens instead

I don’t get my reward, I suffer, I cry, I scream loudly, I scare the homeless, I start acting inappropriately, I set the house on fire, I kick computers, I cut Internet lines with scissors. Then I change into a penguin and start running down the street, waving my wings in a panic.

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Hey Penguin, please don’t damage your infra over this issue! :slight_smile:

Just to be certain I understand, you’re observing rewards cease on a plot after syncing ~200GiB? Any chance you could provide as much of the farmer logs as you can as an attachment please?

Jim, thanks for your consideration, but fortunately I won’t be able to provide any logs. The problem is gone. I suspect that the reason is that the processor is too weak and could not provide synchronization and block signing. Now the synchronization has come to an end and block signing is going very well. The issue is closed)

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