I do not see `Subspace Testnet` as an option on Polkadot.js

I am attempting to create a polkadot.js wallet as per this forum post here Subspace Wallet?

I have created the wallet just fine, but when I go to the ... menu, and click the dropdown for which chain to use I do not see Subspace Testnet as an option.

See Screenshot.

Am i missing something?


This is a common occurrence with the Polkadot.js Wallet. It occurs because your extension metadata is out of date, so the extension doesnt know subspace testnet exists.


  • Make sure Polkadot.js extension is installed and ready to go.
  1. Go to the Subspace/Polkadot Explorer here: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

  2. You will be prompted to allow the extension to connect, click Yes, allow this application access

  3. Click Settings

  4. Click Metadata

  5. Click Update metadata

  6. You will get a popup from the extension asking you to confirm click Yes, do this metadata update

  7. You will now see Subspace Testnet as an option on the “Allow use on any chain” dropdown.

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