Gemini-3h-2024-feb-19 There are two warnings in the latest version

2024-02-20T05:48:39.570516Z  WARN {disk_farm_index=6}: subspace_farmer::single_disk_farm::farming: Proving for solution skipped due to farming time limit slot=1550814 sector_index=111
2024-02-20T06:13:35.124128Z  WARN {disk_farm_index=15}: subspace_farmer::single_disk_farm::farming: Failed to send solution to node, skipping further proving for this slot slot=1552196 sector_index=94 error=RPC call failed: ErrorObject { code: ServerError(-32001), message: "Custom error: Solution was ignored", data: None }

I started with the default parameters, without changing any parameters
CPU:7K62*2 96 cores 192 threads

has the errors been resolved?

I see no errors, just two warnings due to CPU working so hard on initial plotting it can’t always prove in time. If plotting time is better in this release than feb-05 then it works exactly as expected: initial plotting is prioritized over everything else by default.

I am having the same issue on gemini-3h-2024-feb-19 on an EPYC 7F72. All defaults run around 98% system load. Running --record-encoding-concurrency 1 was able to drop CPU load down to 87%.

How can I reduce the load further if necessary to be to be able to prove?

This is not a case of not being able to always prove on time as the system has over 22 TiB plotted and has only had two wins over the last day.

No issues with gemini-3h-2024-feb-05.

same issue, gemini-3h-2024-feb-5 having multi reward, gemini-3h-2024-feb-19 is not reward.

You can always tune thread pool size for plotting