Farm on aarch64 reports error and quit

Issue Report

Farm reports error and quit


  • Operating System:
    Ubuntu 18.04 aarch64
  • Pulsar/Advanced CLI/Docker:
    CLI, None docker, subspace-farmer is built by myself on arm64 with main branch Mar 25 latest code.


[Paste any errors or relevant logs here]
./subspace-farmer  farm --node-rpc-url ws:// --listen-on /ip4/ --listen-on /ip6/::/tcp/30533 --listen-on /ip4/ --listen-on /ip6/::/udp/30533/quic-v1 --in-connections 300 --out-connections 100 --pending-in-connections 100 --pending-out-connections 100 --disable-farm-locking --allow-private-ips --reward-address stXXX path=/data/farm/,size=100GiB
2022-09-07T23:38:46.395342Z  INFO subspace_farmer::commands::farm: Connecting to node RPC url=ws://
2022-09-07T23:38:46.403046Z  INFO subspace_networking::constructor: DSN instance configured. allow_non_global_addresses_in_dht=true peer_id=12D3KooWAHm4x8HA1qHjvfFPaA3i78KEJnsARzdL1WVHUcvBWSu2 protocol_version=/subspace/2/0c121c75f4ef450f40619e1fca9d1e8e7fbabc42c895bc4790801e85d5a91c34
Error: Transport creation error: failed to build transport: io error: No such file or directory (os error 2)

/data/farm/ is likely an incorrect path