Fake display of high RAM usage or RAM leak on Windows by Subspace farmer

RAM is stable with farming 1 x 1TB plot. There is no much change of RAM whether it is replotting or not.

I will now run with 2 x 1TB plot and report soon in 15 minutes.

This is RAM usage of same PC when it farms 2 x 1 TB. No ongoing plot/replot.

Farming with 3 x 1 TB. Below is RAM usage.

This thread is not about unstable memory usage, but rather about high memory usage instead. Please limit conversation here to the minimum number of relevant messages, I don’t need a bunch of unnecessary comments, I only need to know the minimum size of the farm that still uses a lot of RAM as I indicated above so I can reproduce it myself.

Well, this is exactly what I want to report.

Farming 1 x 1TB plot: 23/32 GB RAM used
Farming 2 x 1TB plot: 28/32 GB RAM used
Farming 3 x 1TB plot: 30/32 GB RAM used

I’ve spent my time to test, accepted to win a little bit reward to report in many scenario and see what is your feedback? You don’t have to thank me, but at least, please don’t complain.

And if no farming, only 9/32 GB RAM used.

I’m sorry, I am thankful! I just don’t have time to read a lot of messages and try to keep the size of the discussion small and free from redundant messages and unnecessary chatter. If it is reproducible with 1T farm then I don’t care about 2x1T and beyond for obvious reasons.

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I was farming 12 TB on a 128GB machine with 95% RAM usage. I lost 5 TB to a file system corruption, and now it uses 85% of RAM for the remaining 7TB. I think you can replicate the memory leak on a 32GB machine with a 3TB farm

So I tried to plot/farm 1TiB in a Windows 10 VM with 20 cores and 20G of RAM and has not seen such memory usage increase on 3h.

I am still looking for minimal reproduction. What farmer options did you use to consume 23G of RAM with just 1T plot? How much did you have plotted there (I plotted 50 sectors from 0 for testing purposes).

Has this issue been resolved ?

I am also experiencing it.

29.8/31.1GB Ram usage farming 3Tb on Space Acres Windows 10. Plotting is finished.