Failed to get block

[2022-04-29T14:38:55Z INFO subspace_farmer::farming] Salt updated to a7832e7b6e78d083, recommitting in background
[2022-04-29T14:39:53Z WARN subspace_farmer::plotting] Request to get new best block timed out
[2022-04-29T15:26:13Z INFO subspace_farmer::plotting] Archived segment 7283 at block 781930
[2022-04-29T15:26:13Z INFO subspace_farmer::farming] Finished recommitment for a7832e7b6e78d083 in 2838.168 seconds
[2022-04-29T15:26:13Z ERROR subspace_farmer::plotting] Failed to get block #781931 from RPC: The background task been terminated because: Error reason could not be found. This is a bug. Please open an issue.; restart required

Why did this happen? And how to restart my code. My terminal uses Ubuntu 20.04 system

This is a duplicate of Failed to get block # from RPC: Request Timeout