Error: Address already in use (os error 98)

I am running the farmer and node via the Terminal route.

When attempting to sart the farmer I am getting this error

[2022-03-10T11:00:46Z INFO  subspace_farmer::commands::farm] Connecting to node at ws://
[2022-03-10T11:00:46Z DEBUG subspace_farmer::identity] Opening existing keypair
Error: Networking or low-level protocol error: Address already in use (os error 98)

Caused by:
    Address already in use (os error 98)

I have also seen an error Error: JSON-RPC request error: when trying to resolve this issue.


This occurs when one of the default ports is being occupied by something other than the farmer. The default port we use is 9944


  1. Attempt to stop any non-subspace substrate related nodes you may be running. (We’ve also seen wallets such as Clover cause this issue)
  2. Check if port is being used by another program (this will vary based on Operating System)
  3. utilize the --help command to change the port that the farmer is listening to. (You will also need to change the port on the node side aswell)

Hi. I have another node (gear) on port 9944. How I can change port to another? Can you give commands, please.
I use this script - wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

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Hello lakhreev, It looks like you are using a community script, I would refer to the script creator on how to make modifications to the ports with that launch method :slight_smile: