Configuration Subspace Gemini-3f with Advanced CLI & Multiple plooting with LVM

Requirment Hardware :

Hardware Specs
CPU 4 Core+
Storage 100GB SSD

I used Hardware spec

Hardware Specs
CPU 8 Core+
Storage 1TB NVME

Check your disk server :

The disk server is simulation, reference how to setup LVM you can check here Lvm - Ubuntu Wiki , if you have new reference please comment :slight_smile:

  └─md1                  9:1    0 950.6G  0 raid0
    β”œβ”€vg0-root         253:0    0    40G  0 lvm   /
    β”œβ”€vg0-swap         253:1    0     8G  0 lvm   [SWAP]
    β”œβ”€vg0-home         253:2    0    10G  0 lvm   /home
    β”œβ”€vg0-data_testnet 253:3    0   460G  0 lvm   /data/testnet
    β”œβ”€vg0-data_docker  253:4    0    30G  0 lvm   /data/docker
    β”œβ”€vg0-app_testnet  253:5    0    30G  0 lvm   /app/testnet
    β”œβ”€vg0-subspace_01  253:6    0   100G  0 lvm   /data/subspace/subspace-farmer-01
    β”œβ”€vg0-subspace_02  253:7    0   100G  0 lvm   /data/subspace/subspace-farmer-02
    └─vg0-subspace_03  253:8    0   100G  0 lvm   /data/subspace/subspace-farmer-03

Create User and mount to disk /data/testnet :

useradd -m -d /data/testnet/subspace-s /bin/bash subspace

Give password to the new user :

passwd subspace

execute the usermod to add the user to the sudo group, as follows:

usermod -aG sudo subspace

Switch to the new user by using the command:

su - subspace

Create new directory, following this command :

mkdir -p ${HOME}/bin
mkdir -p ${HOME}/systemd

Download Node Executable and Farmer Executable :

Version 2 - for older processors since ~2009 and some old VMs

cd $HOME/bin

wget -O subspace-node

wget -O subspace-farmer

Version skylake - For newer processors since ~2015

wget -O subspace-node

wget -O subspace-farmer

Create new directori in /app/testnet LVM :

sudo mkdir -p /app/testnet/subspace

Copy binary node-subspace and farmer-subspace to /app/testnet/subspace :

sudo cp subscape-node /app/testnet/subspace
sudo cp subspace-farmer /app/testnet/subspace

Create service for start the node using the following command :

cd $HOME/systemd

export USERNAME=$(whoami)

cat > ${HOME}/systemd/subspace-node.service  <<EOF
Description=Subspace Node Service

ExecStart=/app/testnet/subspace/bin/subspace-node \
    --chain gemini-3f \
    --execution wasm \
    --blocks-pruning 256 \
    --state-pruning archive \
    --validator \
    --name "change_with_your_name_validator"


Create service for start the farmer using the following command :

cd $HOME/systemd

export USERNAME=$(whoami)

cat > ${HOME}/systemd/subspace-farmer.service  <<EOF
Description=Subspace Farmer Service

ExecStart=/app/testnet/subspace/bin/subspace-farmer farm --reward-address st8waxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \
path=/data/subspace/subspace-farmer-01,size=100G \
path=/data/subspace/subspace-farmer-02,size=100G \



Linking to Systemd :

sudo ln -sf ${HOME}/systemd/subspace-node.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo ln -sf ${HOME}/systemd/subspace-farmer.service /etc/systemd/system/

Reload Daemon :

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Enable Service when booting :

sudo systemctl enable subspace-node.service
sudo systemctl enable subspace-farmer.service

Start service :

sudo systemctl start subspace-node.service
sudo systemctl start subspace-farmer.service

Check Service :

sudo systemctl status subspace-node.service
sudo journalctl -fu subspace-node.service

sudo systemctl status subspace-farmer.service
sudo journalctl -fu subspace-farmer.service

Log subspace-node and subspace-farmer :

Enjoy :call_me_hand:

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income for 12 hours :

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got only errors. no result looking to this guide

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Have you done lvm for the farmer plot? If there is an error, please explain what the error is, if I can help. if you don’t know what LVM is please visit this LVM: The Powerful Tool for Managing Storage on Linux Systems - Services

If you have multiple drives, it is recommended to use them directly with farmer rather through LVM or other methods of aggregating multiple drives into one.