Bug reporting template

I would like to propose a bug reporting template in an attempt to capture the details that are most useful to the higher support tiers and developers. It will standardise the questions we need to answer when seeking help for a problem. This will also be an ongoing, collaborative effort as it’s unlikely we’ll get everything right first time so any comments/enhancements/criticisms would be gratefully received. I’ll edit this post so the latest version is always below this line. Note that some parts have been lifted from subspace/CONTRIBUTING.md at main · subspace/subspace · GitHub

Issue Report


  • Operating System: e.g. Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04, MacOS, Raspbian
  • CPU Architecture: e.g. x86/x64, Mac M2
  • RAM: e.g. 16GiB
  • Storage: e.g. NVMe, SSD, HDD (7200), Hardware RAID 1
  • Plot Size: e.g. 100G, 10T
  • Subspace Deployment Method: e.g. Windows Desktop, Docker Compose, pre-built CLI, self-built CLI


Steps to reproduce

  1. On Ubuntu 22.04
  2. Run subspace-farmer-ubuntu-x86_64-gemini-1b-2022-jun-18 farm from official release
  3. Observe an error

Expected result

Farmer starts successfully

What happens instead

This error

error: The following required arguments were not provided:
    --reward-address <REWARD_ADDRESS>
    --plot-size <PLOT_SIZE>

    subspace-farmer-ubuntu-x86_64-gemini-1b-2022-jun-18 [OPTIONS] --reward-address <REWARD_ADDRESS> --plot-size <PLOT_SIZE>

For more information try --help
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Hey Jim this is great! The Subspace team actually has the intern working on something similar, maybe we can have you link up with him and see how similar the ideas are.

In general, this was very similar to our template for the last incentivized test net, thanks for the hard work!

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Hey buddy! please check the updated doc and executables to avoid the error.

NB: Make the farmer & node executable

chmod +x subspace-farmer-ubuntu-x86_64-gemini-2a-2022-sep-06

chmod +x subspace-node-ubuntu-x86_64-gemini-2a-2022-sep-06