Where are my addresses?

Why can’t I find my addresses in the list. Farming was there but it wasn’t on the list

Maybe I can help figure it out but need a little more information/clarification.

  1. did you farm at least 0.1 TSSC to these addresses?

  2. If you did, was it before the testnet ended? Gemini Phase 1 has officially concluded June 27, 2022 at 5 pm UTC at block number #392,626 with block hash.

  3. Make sure you were farming on the correct Testnet. There was a Stress Test Test net and then the following incentivized Gemini Testnet, The stress test was no eligible for the rewards that would have put you on the list.

  4. If you havent already, chek out @wei 's guide to determine if you earned rewards: Gemini Phase 1 Reward FAQ's