What in your opinion are the killer-features of Web3 based Metaverse?

We’ve all excited about Web3 Metaverse, but with a lot of competition on a market there is a chance that most of the users will stick to “closed” metaverses offered by Meta and other IT giants.
In your opinion, what features that are enabled only by Web3 Metaverses could become “the features” that will motivate users to switch to it?


Great question, Emilios!

Arguably, to counter closed metaverses, only Web3 can offer experiences owned, operated and controlled by the users (not by the corporations, not by the companies, not by the developers, not by the applications). Fully permissionless, interoperable, based on open standards, self’-governed worlds, auto-scaling, self-persistent and, above all, powered by the users.

One may say I’m dreamer :smile:

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Agreed @Emilios

Hear me out – decentralized credit scores. Open metaverses will need a financial system, and other than making payments, what have people been doing for the longest time in Web3? Using DeFi.

The wallet you use to for staking, lending, borrowing will have a long history of financial transactions. That history will show that users are more trustworthy, and give them access to more advanced financial products in the open metaverse. This is a sticky feature that Web3 provides that the closed metaverses may be less likely to adopt.