What factors impact the success rate of farming SSC?

Other than the amount of storage space that you pledge, are there any other factors that can impact your success rate of farming SSC, such as internet speed, CPU processor type etc?

No, there is no resource other than space that impacts success rate.


In that case it seems like there might be quite a wide disparity in luck for different farmers.

In the first image one farmer shows that they are able to farm 5 blocks in 16 hours when the average reported time is several days.

On occasion it seems that there are users who are farming dozens of blocks ahead of the rest.

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There should be various reasons. The number of hours is an average. Theoretically anything can happen, so someone will get reward much sooner and someone potentially never.

There might also be some bugs like Handle farmer exit gracefully · Issue #156 · subspace/subspace-desktop · GitHub that may affect farming as such.

Telemetry is unrelated to this thread, but most likely depends on when then node sent telemetry update (doesn’t happen instantly, certainly server can’t process it instantly).