What do we need to consider for picking plotting hardware?

In chia network plotter hardware need to have some specific requirements such as TBW, Read write speed, etc to have an optimized plotting machine. And I understand that subspace network aims to have non-destructive algorithm for SSD.

I’m wondering what are the parameters that we might need to consider to build a plotting machine in subspace network, optimizing for cost (does it need server-grade ssd? or consumer will be enough?), plotting rate, and long-term hardware endurance?

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We are aiming to make our farming as low barrier to entry as possible, while we are still working on optimizing a few portions of the farming protocol, ideally all consumer devices should be able for farm competitively. I would warn against building a server just for subspace farming, as there is no way we can guarantee X setup will have a positive ROI. (Id suggest to just use hardware already owned)