There are too many warning logs in the farmer cluster

We have tested for about 4 hours so far and haven’t found any warn logs yet

Cool, I’ll include that in the next release then. Appreciate the feedback and testing!

Hi, I do have same problem.
I am using Portainer Stack to define these;
Where this ‘–nats-pool-size 1’ should be added on my Stacks file? (I tried three places without success :slight_smile:

Also should it be added to farm or plotter or both?

Here example piece of my Stacks file:
image: Package farmer · GitHub
- /home/sub/nvme_drives/s980_1/data1:/subspace01
“–nats-server”, “nats:4222”,

There was a new release today that includes the change, just upgrade and there is nothing else that needs to be done: Release gemini-3h-2024-jun-11 · subspace/subspace · GitHub