The hardest blockers for building on-chain games?

…and how to reduce the barriers to entry for interested developers to integrate blockchain elements into their games?

The adoption of blockchain technology in on-chain game development is hindered by the high cost involved. This stems from the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices that necessitates payment in native tokens for games to run on blockchain-based platforms. Unlike the largely subsidized cloud world, these platforms follow a constantly-changing pricing model, which poses a significant obstacle to web 2 developers.

Additionally, incorporating blockchain elements into games can be daunting for many developers unfamiliar with this technology. Developing effective strategies to reduce entry barriers for game developers seeking to incorporate blockchain elements into their games requires a multifaceted approach. To this end, providing clear and concise documentation coupled with educational resources is going to be paramount to success in the sector in my opinion.

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Actually…Things are getting better…

There are some leading Modular Design projects that offering fast/easy elastic scaling or app-chain solutions.

It’s not appropriate to mention other projects here but if you’re interested you can DM me.


Spot on @Chainguys and @ImmaZoni . Thank you for your insights! :slight_smile:

Reading a lot about developer’s challenge to architect their game in a way that makes it easy to add more content later without having to refactor the entire code base.