The CPU is not used during plotting

The CPU is not used during plotting.

AMD R5 3600 32GB RAM 240G SATA SSD

Space Acres
The CPU is not used during plotting.The plot speed is very slow. 0.5% in 2-3 hours.

[Paste any errors or relevant logs here]

CPU usage is not an issue here, CPU will be used heavily once downloading is finished.

Can you show screenshot of per-core CPU usage?

Also if you open “About” → “System Information” you can find a place where your logs are stored, please upload the first log file (there should be no confidential information in there).

I can find the log file, but I can’t upload it because the forum has restrictions.

Upload it anywhere I can download it from. And no need to ping me on Discord about replies here, I get notifications and will reply whenever I can.

This is the log file uploaded by my Google Cloud Drive, please check it.

I discovered that the plot progress can only be made when the CPU is used, and I don’t know what it is doing when it is not used.

No access to the file unfortunately. Can you make it public?

You’re confusing cause and effect. It is not using CPU because it is not actively encoding, not the other way around. The only other thing it might be doing is downloading pieces from the network.

I have modified the permissions so that anyone with the link can view it, I think it should be OK.

If I don’t understand this issue, I think I won’t be able to participate if I have a large-capacity hard drive.

I see no issues in logs, must be very slow connectivity to the rest of Subspace network.

Let’s try to collect some more details:

  1. Close Space Acres
  2. Delete all log files of Space Acres
  3. Open PowerShell (regular, not admin!)
  4. Run $Env:RUST_DEBUG = "info,subspace_farmer=trace,subspace_farmer_components=trace"
  5. Run &"C:\Program Files\Space Acres\bin\space-acres.exe"
  6. Let application run for 15 minutes, then close the app
  7. Share all the log files with me (there might be a few of them)

This should give me a better idea about what is happening there.

Where to run this command? $Env:RUST_DEBUG = “info,subspace_farmer=trace,subspace_farmer_components=trace”

In PowerShell, as described

I can’t post the link anymore, so I replaced the Google Cloud Drive file in the reply above with the latest 20-minute log file.

Hm… looks like the environment variable had no effect and there is no new information in logs. I have customized the app a bit, there will be a fresh build available here in a bit: Release · nazar-pc/space-acres@1451af8 · GitHub

Close the app, remove all logs, start the app, let it run for 15 minutes, close and upload logs again, should hopefully work this time.

I still cannot post the link address. The system prompts: An error occurred: Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.
The new version of the 15-minute log file. In addition, I am re-plotting 44% to close the program, and then open it again and it will always be 0%.

Replotting tracks percentage of what remains to replot, that is expected.

This will be prompted when I give you the link to the log file.

This is probably because you’ve just recently registered, not much I can do about that

In the above reply, I posted the link address, but now I can’t post it. I don’t know why.

I have just increased your trust level. Can you try again please?

I checked the log, or some reason the change didn’t have effect. I changed log level in a different way, try the same with this build once it is available: Release · nazar-pc/space-acres@8bc98ba · GitHub

And try to delete Space Acres before installing this test version, just in case.