That’s a wrap! Gemini II ends with a new record of 27k+ concurrent live nodes

As Gemini II comes to a close, we’d like to thank everyone for contributing to the Subspace Network Ecosystem as a farmer, putting us on the map as one of the most decentralized blockchain networks in the world.

Since the launch of Gemini II Incentivized Testnet in late September, we’ve seen 27.3k+ concurrent live nodes across 60+ different countries around the world, a new record for our network.

Based on the token allocation for the milestone reached (0.05%) plus the surprise reward allocation (0.5%), a combined total of 0.55% of the token supply has been unlocked for Gemini II farmers. As promised, the 0.05% will be distributed equally to all reward addresses with at least 0.5 tSSC, while the additional 0.5% will be distributed (proportionally to the amount of tSSC farmed) to reward addresses with at least 3 tSSC (Gemini II balance only).

Over the next few weeks, we will share more information about Gemini II stats and a list of qualified reward addresses with the percentage of rewards earned.

Gemini II Recap

:small_orange_diamond: 27.3k+ concurrent live nodes

:small_orange_diamond: 60+ countries

:small_orange_diamond: 1.3 PB+ space pledged

Rewards Unlocked

:small_blue_diamond: 0.05% of total token supply distributed equally to 79k+ qualified reward addresses with at least 0.5 tSSC

:small_blue_diamond: 0.5% of total token supply will be distributed proportionally to the amount of tSSC farmed to qualified reward addresses with at least 3 tSSC

How to Stay Involved until Gemini III

Behind the scenes, the core contributors are working diligently to build the Subspace Network into the largest decentralized network in blockchain history. As a team that is wholeheartedly dedicated to building a truly decentralized and permissionless community network, we love seeing everyone’s reactions and going through all the feedback (even when you’re being brutally honest). While we work towards the launch of Gemini III, we want you to stay active in our community and keep in touch with us! We have many exciting updates and fun initiatives we’re planning to share throughout the next few weeks.

We’d like to ask everyone to share some insights by participating in our community survey. Your feedback provides valuable information that helps us build a strong foundation for the Subspace Network community and guide us with the growth initiatives we are planning to launch in the coming quarters: Gemini II Community Survey

Ways to Stay Involved:

  • Stay in touch with us by attending our Office Hours and Twitter Spaces
  • Follow us on Twitter and share our updates by retweeting!
  • Participate in community events, contests, and other activities hosted by the Subspace Network Ambassadors
  • If you enjoy contributing to the Subspace Network Ecosystem and would like to translate our content into your local language, reach out to us!
  • We want to grow our presence in South America, India, China, Africa and more! If you love virtual events and community collaborations, please reach out!

Thank you very much and good luck on the mainnet. Hope you debug the network before launch :slight_smile:


Awesome news, I’m so excited. :fire:

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Yeah buddy, just keep eye on… will be Gemini III is coming soon :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good job guys good news

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Looking forward to the next testnet

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Чекаэмо мерч! Чекаэмо мерч! Чекаэмо мерч! Чекаэмо мерч!

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Hello you there from Validatrium team :vulcan_salute:

As always it was a pleasure to be a part in another test net journey with you guys

As for Gemini II wanted to mention that it was Easier to run node in this testnet than in prev. Sync process become more obvious, with no other unpredictable issues

Hope to see Gemini III or next stress test net soon

With the best regards

Good job guys good news :saluting_face:

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good job guys ! … I can’t wait for Gemini 3.

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Hello, please tell me, I participated in the first testnet back in the spring, I had 60 tSSC in my wallet, but now they are gone. Will there be rewards for the first testnet?

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Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in the development of such a cool project as subspace. Looking forward to the development of the project

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As promised, the 0.05% will be distributed equally to all reward addresses with at least 0.5 tSSC
It was promised to divide 0.5% equally among all addresses with at least 0.5 tSSC.
Why did change the terms to 0.05%?

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Please read the initial incentive model document. 0.5% would be unlocked only if 75k nodes were reached, but only Milestone I was unlocked.

Good job guys good news

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