Subspace Wallet - Subspace single-chain mode in SubWallet

Dear farmers, early this week SubWallet added support for Subspace Gemini 2a Stress Test and got quite a few positive feedback—thank you all for your support!

We are now working on the Subspace single-chain mode to further improve your experience using Subspace with SubWallet :star_struck: Single-chain mode is dedicated to Subspace farmers, showing only Subspace-specific information with a specially designed interface. Here are the updates:

  1. Subspace Single-chain mode demo with initial supported features: See the demo here:

  • Create new accounts and show Subspace single-chain mode (when you direct from Subspace website)
  • Import Polkadot JS accounts
  • Show balance of tokens farmed (Farmnet, Testnet, Gemini 1)
  • All account mode: Manage and show your multiple accounts’ balance

  1. Upcoming features include:
  • Show fiat value of SSC (USD) (At mainnet)
  • Transfer funds
  • Transaction history
  • Credits earned, total space pledged, farmer status, latest block, actually online, best block
  • NFT management features
  • Your ideas…

Please take a look at the demo—any feedback and/or suggestions are highly appreciated! The official version will launch very soon :eyes:

Happy weekend everyone!

Subspace: a single Source of Truth for the Multi-chain Future!

SubWallet: a single Wallet for the Multi-chain Future!

Let’s build the future together!


Thanks for the updates, Going to try and Import my old Polkadot.js wallet soon!


Great. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Any feedback/ideas are highly appreciated.


Amazing work from the SubWallet team as always, thank you!!!


Very cool! Thanks for the good work


Hi guys,

The SubWallet 0.6.2 is now available on Google Chrome and Firefox Store, that added support for the Subspace Single-chain Mode. Visit SubWallet try it now.

Please remember that you’ll need to have the Subspace website open on your browser to turn on the Subspace Single-chain Mode. See the demo here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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