Subspace fork (if any in future): will it be allowed to use subspace plot?

I have an inquiry.

Have Subspace team thought about disallowing any subspace fork in future to use same subspace plot? What happened to chia is it has 50+ forks that can farm on same plot, only port change is needed on these forks. Chia doesn’t end up well due to that. Since all chia forks can easily take advantage of chia code (open source which can’t be avoided), chia farmer community and chia plots. There are so many identical blockchains with same features. It made chia gradually become just normal, it’s been struggling after their ATH, more than 99% value of the coin vapourised. The attention from chia farmers were also distracted/moved from chia progress/development to “any new forks” every week last year.

So in my opinion, we should take it as a lesson learned and we should not allow any fork to use the subspace plot. The subspace farmer currently lock the plot files which somehow help (but the original purpose is to help farmer from double farming by mistake). Besides this, is there anything further we can do (if the team agree with my point?) to completely secure subspace plot for subspace blockchain only but not any of its fork in future.


This is not applicable to Subspace by design.

Farmers in Subspace don’t store random data, they store history of the blockchain itself. So if you just fork the code, the history will be different and plots will not work. If you fork the chain with data, then for some period of time sectors will match, but as history of each chain is growing sectors will expire and start holding increasingly diverging contents, making farming at best less profitable due to partially invalid plots on one of the chains.

File locking here is irrelevant for security, it is a feature local to the farmer that can’t be relied on in consensus and can be disabled with a simple code change.

I do not see any concerns for Subspace here.

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Great. That’s the best feature of A (Archival) in PoAS (Proof of Archival Storage) that I’ve learned just now. Glad to know that.