Subspace Farmer resource

Hi Subspace team,

I want to know that subspace farmer is CPU intensive, IO intensive or both?
So I can manage the hardware resource for my farmer and node server.


I can give you a general idea.

Subspace use CPU to plot as of now. Subspace is a Proof of Archival Storage, so it uses the ‘archival pieces’ of the blockchain to make the sector, each sector is about 1GiB and they’re store in a container called plot for each folder/directory you specify.

During plot time, it is CPU intensive but after that it uses CPU at the very trivial level.

The more storage you pledged for subspace, the more IO it will require. But as a start up, you can start with few hundreds of GB, or a few TB. At this level, IO is never a problem. I’m farming 11 TB with a 10400 CPU, mainboard B460 chipset, 32GB RAM (Subspace farmer uses only about 6-8GB RAM), mostly SATA SSD. This build is just an average PC 4-5 years ago and I never miss any reward. So it means CPU, RAM, IO are not a concern for small farmers.

But when you scale up, this becomes difficult and when you scale up, you’re a big farmer, no one can tell you exactly how to scale up your own hardware. Everyone shares their experience in the discord so you can pick up info from there. But if you’re new, I recommend you to start small first.