Subspace Ambassador Goals 2023

Lets use this thread to talk about Goals. What is YOUR specific goal for The Subspace Ambassador program. What would you like to see implemented in the future?

  1. My goal for the Subspace ambassador program is for it to have both more freedom to empower any ambassador or community member to create, improve and support. In combination, I want the barrier of entry to do this to be as low as possible. It should be easy to start any project and have a means to achieve it.

My goal is to spread the word about the project and get as many people as possible to know about it. For this purpose I would like to cooperate with other endorsers and do everything to achieve this goal in joint projects.


Right on Alphanomicon and Anna :slight_smile:

Goals aligned with our ethos :rocket:

Indeed, we foster Ambassadors and Community members to publish thoughtful discussion here on Forum, a more ‘threading’, user-friendly tool for this purpose. Thank you for this.

My goal is to support the community during the testnets, thanks to the fact that I just helped people without a second thought, I became an ambassador. I had my own guide in the previous phase of the testnet, which was used by many people and I’m glad about it. I enjoy helping people with technical issues, which is what I do on Discord. I know a lot of projects, but for some reason I prefer Subspace, I like our community. And don’t forget about the technology, I was pleasantly surprised when I first read the documentation and it’s great to be part of Subspace.


My goal is to make the project more understandable for users who are new to the WEB3 world. I want to make it so that anyone can easily understand the project and that they can make any contribution to the project (for example, even install a node)


My goal at Subspace Network is to help more people know about the project, understand its intrinsic value and accompany the project for a long time.
I also hope the Team has a simpler, more understandable strategy/plan to motivate the ambassador to carry out their mission.
For example: Given the tasks according to the spreadsheet, the urinal performs the tasks and is calculated by points. And the level of rewards is based on the number of points they earn.


Strongly relate to that. To me, education marks a key component of community building, specially for new entrants.

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Goal #1:
Do cool stuff with cool people.

Goal #2:
I would love to be part of creating a noteworthy improvement or advancement in the way that DAOs operate. Creating our own governing system will be an achievement in itself; but since the team has emphasized our focus on being world-class, my goal is to help uphold those standards so we can take advantage of this exciting opportunity to create something new and innovative!

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