Stop accrual of coins

Issue Report


  • **Operating System:Ubuntu 20.04
  • **CPU Architecture:Commet Lake
  • **RAM:20 GB
  • **Storage:2TB sata ssd
  • **Plot Size:1.2 TB
  • **Subspace Deployment Method:0.3.3 cli


Awards stopped coming

Steps to reproduce

  1. Waiting
  2. Restart

Expected result

  1. Without changes
  2. Without changes

This situation is also observed on other nodes of similar configurations.

Hello @user37, thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your feedback and would like to assist you with your issue. We kindly ask that you keep your posts consolidated under fewer posts in the future as it makes it easier to follow the conversation and resolve your issues in a timely manner. Regarding your issue, I have reviewed your node and did not find any immediate errors. However, there are a couple of things that may be causing the problem:

  1. The reward probability is determined by the size of your plot compared to the entire network size. It is possible that your node has been unlucky at the time of observation, but is still operating as expected.

  2. We are also aware of a bug where farmers are unable to keep plotting or farming as they max out their connection attempts. This is typically indicated by the following error message:

    ERROR single_disk_plot{disk_farm_index=0}: subspace_networking::utils::piece_provider: Couldnt get a piece from DSN. No retries left. piece_index=989604 current_attempt=3 max_retries=3
    INFO single_disk_plot{disk_farm_index=0}: subspace_farmer_components::segment_reconstruction: Recovering missing piece... missing_piece_index=989604

    You can read about this issue on this post here: Farming not working on gemini-3d - #18 by Ryan-Subspace

    Developer Response:

To explore this further, we can take a look at your logs. If you could copy your logs and respond with them, we can take a look further and see if you may be facing this issue.

Please follow the instructions on this page to view your logs:

You are asking me to insert logs in a format that is not supported by the forum. You don’t know about it?)

You can view the log files with any text editor and paste them in a code block by using markdown format such as below :slight_smile:

{"v":0,"name":"subspace-cli","msg":"✨ Imported #\u001b[1;37m469134\u001b[0m (0x218e…9f10)","level":30,"hostname":"LAPTOP-5ULCJ5GR","pid":7528,"time":"2023-05-01T03:00:02.1338556Z","target":"log","line":null,"file":null,"log.line":146,"log.module_path":"sc_informant","log.file":"C:\\Users\\runneradmin\\.cargo\\git\\checkouts\\substrate-7bc20b373ca3e834\\fdb6819\\client\\informant\\src\\","":"substrate"}
{"v":0,"name":"subspace-cli","msg":"♻️  Reorg on #\u001b[1;31m469134\u001b[0m,0x218e…9f10 to #\u001b[1;32m469134\u001b[0m,0x576c…78c9, common ancestor #\u001b[1;37m469133\u001b[0m,0x3810…7a3c","level":30,"hostname":"LAPTOP-5ULCJ5GR","pid":7528,"time":"2023-05-01T03:00:02.5154633Z","target":"log","line":null,"file":null,"":"sc_informant","log.file":"C:\\Users\\runneradmin\\.cargo\\git\\checkouts\\substrate-7bc20b373ca3e834\\fdb6819\\client\\informant\\src\\","log.line":118,"log.module_path":"sc_informant"}
{"v":0,"name":"subspace-cli","msg":"✨ Imported #\u001b[1;37m469134\u001b[0m (0x576c…

But looking at the logs you provided, it does look like you are facing the bug i mentioned above, here is a snippet taken from your logs.

{"v":0,"name":"subspace-cli","msg":"✨ Imported #\u001b[1;37m503201\u001b[0m (0x7b84…247f)","level":30,"hostname":"node2","pid":3190,"time":"2023-05-03T11:02:33.964966436Z","target":"log","line":null,"file":null,"log.module_path":"sc_informant","":"substrate","log.file":"/home/runner/.cargo/git/checkouts/substrate-7bc20b373ca3e834/fdb6819/client/informant/src/","log.line":146}
{"v":0,"name":"subspace-cli","msg":"[SINGLE_DISK_PLOT - EVENT] Couldn't get a piece from DSN. No retries left.","level":50,"hostname":"node2","pid":3190,"time":"2023-05-03T11:02:34.597973895Z","target":"subspace_networking::utils::piece_provider","line":167,"file":"/home/runner/.cargo/git/checkouts/subspace-5c1447fb849a5554/677ab36/crates/subspace-networking/src/utils/","current_attempt":3,"max_retries":3,"piece_index":"3316735","disk_farm_index":"0"}
{"v":0,"name":"subspace-cli","msg":"[SINGLE_DISK_PLOT - EVENT] Recovering missing piece...","level":30,"hostname":"node2","pid":3190,"time":"2023-05-03T11:02:34.598054494Z","target":"subspace_farmer_components::segment_reconstruction","line":30,"file":"/home/runner/.cargo/git/checkouts/subspace-5c1447fb849a5554/677ab36/crates/subspace-farmer-components/src/","missing_piece_index":"3316735","disk_farm_index":"0"}
{"v":0,"name":"subspace-cli","msg":"[SINGLE_DISK_PLOT - EVENT] Couldn't get a piece from DSN. No retries 

For the time being we do not have a fix for this issue beyond attempting a reboot/resync but this may or may not be successful. The development team is working on a fix and we hope to have a new version in the coming weeks :slightly_smiling_face: