Stakewar2 beneficiary address issue

Can I transfer the tssc of farmer beneficial A address to another account B, and then use this account B as an operator or nominator to test stakewar2? If so, I have two questions:

  1. Will the reward of farmer account A be affected when the mainnet is launched? If not, will the mainnet token be directly given to account A or account B?
  2. If I use account B as an operator or nominator, will the reward address of stakewar2 be account B? When the mainnet is launched, will the reward of stakewar2 be directly given to the address of account B?

You can transfer tokens to accumulate stake in a single wallet, yes.

  1. You can read more about incentivised testnet rewards here: Gemini 3 Incentivized Testnet rewards clarification

  2. Yes. The account you use to register the operator or nominate to an operator with will earn the transaction fees that will earn a part of the Stake Wars 2 reward pool. Read more here: Stake Wars 2 Introduction