Stake Wars 2 Phase 1 - The Quest for Dominion Launches!

Stake Wars 2 Phase 1 - The Quest for Dominion Launches!

Exciting updates from our launch call

Today marks a thrilling milestone for the Autonomys community as we officially kick off Phase 1 of Stake Wars 2: The Quest for Dominion! Our launch call was packed with exciting news and updates that set the stage for this next chapter in our journey.

As we embark on this quest, we’re introducing some game-changing features. Most notably, we’ve removed the nominator limits, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for participation. This change promises to create a more dynamic and inclusive ecosystem for all.

One of the highlights of our launch call is the new claiming mechanism for minStake. We understand that not everyone has had the chance to farm the required 100 tSSC, so we’re leveling the playing field. Every “Verified Farmer” can now claim 100 tSSC to cover the minStake, and launch their own operator node. This move embodies our commitment to accessibility and community growth.

During the call, Nazar initiated a live runtime upgrade, officially marking the start of Phase 1 with block 2331572. This sets the stage for the intense competition ahead, where operators will strive to maintain impeccable uptime and swiftly adapt to new releases.

Speaking of updates, we have some crucial information for our operators. New releases are on the horizon, bringing with it a protocol upgrade that will implement key XDM fraud proof fixes. Remember, staying current with these updates is not just recommended – it’s essential to avoid slashing and ensure your continued participation in the network.

The upcoming Hacker Month 2 promises to breathe life into our domains, bringing organic transactions to complement the synthetic load provided by our team. Stay tuned for more details – you won’t want to miss this!

The staking interface is available as part of the Astral block explorer (still under active development). If you encounter any errors, please try refreshing the page first, or re-connecting your wallet. If the issue persists, feel free to raise it in the relevant Stake Wars channel on Discord or on Astral’s Github.

As we move forward, it’s important to reiterate some key rules, new features and changes from the original Stake Wars:

  • Operators must only register after full node sync.
  • High uptime is crucial to avoid slashing.
  • Nodes must sync from genesis for both Nova and AutoID domains.
  • You can claim 100 tSSC to cover the minStake for both domains.
  • Operators can have an unlimited number of nominators (the 256 nominator cap has been dropped).
  • Storage fee deposits have been introduced (TL;DR: some of an operator’s stake is reserved for storage fees when they register. This reserve is held and used to pay for the storage fees of bundles created by the operator of the nomination pool they create on registration. This is another new feature we need to test at scale, so do not be alarmed when 20% of your operator stake is locked up in the background!).

The full Stake Wars 2 introduction is available here.

The recording of the Stake Wars 2 launch call is available on our YouTube channel.

The adventure begins now.

What do you say, Stake Warrior? Are you up for the challenge?