Some plotters won't plot while CPU is idle

Issue Report

Some plotters won’t plot with CPU usage 100% idle


  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Pulsar/Advanced CLI/Docker: CLI


Some plotters received plot request hang there for ever.
It never completes and CPU usage is idle.
What resource are they waiting for?

[Paste any errors or relevant logs here]

./subspace-farmer-jun-18 cluster --nats-server plotter
2024-06-26T22:05:09.579034Z INFO async_nats: event:
2024-06-26T22:05:10.472911Z INFO subspace_farmer::commands::cluster::plotter: Preparing plotting thread pools plotting_thread_pool_core_indices=[CpuCoreSet {
cores: CpuSet(0-7), … }]
2024-06-26T22:05:12.156425Z INFO {public_key=d4a5986031ff8fdd76be484329d0d0ddca55921d78a2e6ffe1ec19fddc949670 sector_index=16}: subspace_farmer::cluster::plotter: Plot sector request
2024-06-26T22:05:13.599907Z INFO {public_key=d4a5986031ff8fdd76be484329d0d0ddca55921d78a2e6ffe1ec19fddc949670 sector_index=12}: subspace_farmer::cluster::plotter: Plot sector request

There is no info about setup you have, but sounds like an issue fixed in Skip duplicate node client notifications by nazar-pc · Pull Request #2882 · subspace/subspace · GitHub that will be included in the next release