Socket error: decode error: i/o error: The program on your host computer has broken the established connection. (os error 10053)

Issue Report


  • **Operating System:**Windows
  • **CPU Architecture:**x64
  • **RAM:**16Gb
  • **Storage:**SSD
  • **Plot Size:**10 Gb
  • **Subspace Deployment Method:**Subspace CLI


Error after launching a node and a farmer

Steps to reproduce

Start the node and the farmer
After a while this error

Expected result

os error 10053

What happens instead

Everything stops.

[Paste error here]

Backtrace omitted. Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display it.
Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=full to include source snippets.
2023-03-01T17:14:33.167945Z ERROR gossip::executor: Gossip engine has terminated.
2023-03-01T17:14:33.167969Z ERROR cross_domain_gossip_worker: Gossip engine has terminated.
2023-03-01T17:14:33.169544Z ERROR sc_service::task_manager: Essential task system-domain-gossip failed. Shutting down service.
2023-03-01T17:15:01.042419Z ERROR yamux::connection: d10f5be1: socket error: decode error: i/o error: Программа на вашем хост-компьютере разорвала установленное подключение. (os error 10053)
0: ←[91mNode syncing failed: Failed to connect to the network←[0m


Thank you very much for the report!

This seems like a very low-level bug, related to networking. I’ll try to reproduce it on my machine.

Can you provide us some more details if possible?
For example:

  • did you run the command farm or farm -v?
  • when the error happened, was syncing completed, or still ongoing (if you did run farm command, probably you could tell from the syncing progress bar)?
  • if syncing was completed, what about the progress of plotting?

I assume syncing was not completed and plotting was not even started, but still wanted to ask :slight_smile:

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Also, can you please share your configuration with us? It should be under this location: