Questions about plotting

I have a very fuzzy idea of how plotting works in Subspace. For clarification:

  1. Does plotting start only when node is fully synced, or in parallel while node is syncing?

  2. If you increase plot-size, do you have to replot from scratch? what if you decrease plot-size?

  3. Do you start earning rewards after your space is fully plotted or as plotting is ongoing?

  4. Assuming unlimited cpu, bandwidth and disk speed, what would be faster to start getting rewards, starting 5 nodes with 100G each, or 1 node with 500G?


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  1. No, once your farmer started, plotting started.
  2. If you increase size, farmer will adjust some plotted file. But (!=) doesn’t mean replot from scratch.
  3. Once your node is synced, you start earning. According to SubSpace whitepaper, your space will never fully filled since you always adjust some plot for future use.
  4. I would say 1 node with 500G may be better.
    I’m not from official.
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Thanks for the answers @lovedret

One note, on #2 if you want to change the size of your plot you will have to actually replot

Using the GUI ( 0.6.1 Ubuntu) and pointing to an external hard disk. However, I’m only seeing a small fraction of the total available space for some reason. The OS is reporting that the drive is empty and ready to go.

this is a bug we identified a bit ago in subspace desktop Selecting new drive does not recalculate storage capacity. · Issue #202 · subspace/subspace-desktop · GitHub

hopefully should be fixed in the next release :slight_smile:

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With that being said, would I be better able to use the ‘entire’ drive via the CLI route?

New Development:

Using the desktop on one machine, kicked off the plotting. and noticed some weird behavior. I had X hours remaining for plotting, when I moved the mouse to get it out of my way, and noticed that the % plotted jumped abruptly. Weird but ok. I joked with my friend that moving the mouse helped and he moved the mouse… And shaved another 2 hours off the projected time.

In fact, did this a third time and… Question, during the plotting phase is the software gathering entropy from standard input… Or is there an issue with the computation of “Elapsed Time/Remaining Time”?

UPDATE: As during my writing of this, the % completed with back to 20%, then 55%, then 36% and is jumping all over.

The status bar generally should be calculating off of your current chains “best” block # (which is the highest block) and the current block you have synced.

The jumping all over the place is typically connected to your node hopping accross different forks of the network (meaning the best block # is changing as different forks have different opinions on what the true history is)

As for the mouse coming into play with all of that, this is definitly an interesting side effect which we should investigate further, I will get this reported to the Subspace Desktop product team :slight_smile:

Yes, with the cli you can specify the drive path with just a few parameters, see this portion of the docs Farming with the CLI | Subspace Labs Documentation

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