Question about emission per day

Can you tell me how to correctly count coin issue per day?
It was fair to count it as 0.1 TSSC per vote and 9 times 0.1, total 1TSSC from one block. A block every 6 seconds, that’s 10 TSSC per minute, or 600 TSSC per hour, or 14400 TSSC in 24 hours.

In the meantime, today is the 28th day of the incentivized testnet. The current issue per testnet is 28*14400 = 403200 TSSC.

Also, if you look here (, you can see that the current block is around 715k, and the circulation is around 648k.

If circulation refers to these particular blocks, then you get 0.9 TSSC from 1 block.

If the circulation of 648k refers only to the encouraged part of the testnet, then 648k/28 = 23k+ per day, or 1.6 TSSC per block, which is not what the Subspace team representative said.

Could you please advise me how to calculate this correctly?

Additional links where this issue has been discussed:


This is likely related to the issues resolved in latest release where solution range was unnecessarily decreased, resulting in farmers producing votes in some cases when they should have produced a block instead. As the result we were getting more votes per block than expected.

In other words, 648k TSSC is the number to target for the issue sub count? And it refers specifically to the incentive period?
Next, everything will correspond to 14.4k TSSC per day?

All rewards that were issued on chain prior and going forward until incentivized part ends will be taken into account, whatever they end up being.

Nazar, thanks for the replies)