Prophesy Time: How the Metaverse will look like with 1 Trillion transactions per second?

With today’s ideas driven by scarcity of on-chain computation, what kind of applications and affordances emerge when we scale and level up speed exponentially in the future?

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It’s interesting to me that major corporations like Reddit, Starbucks, Stripe are choosing Ethereum Layer 2 solutions like Polygon to distribute their digital products. It seems like they do recognize a value in open public blockchains where computation is limited versus something like Hyperledger.

As for the metaverse with 1 Trillion TPS, that’s a tough one.

  • Decentralized social media makes sense. But do people want every social interaction tracked immutably in the public? Idk. I’m sure there is more nuance to that convo.

I think anonymity or privacy applications are going to be paramount before people feel comfortable putting any important information on these blockchains other than their long public keys. Then there will be a big discussion around who deserves privacy and what you can be private about. Unless the blockchain is private/closed, then do I want a public transaction broadcasted every time I enter or exit the garage to my Meta-Home? Sounds like a real life threat for people to know when my headset is or is not on.

If not private - then more public psuedo-anonymous data sets will be built that lead to better research outcomes in patterns of human behavior. Consumer trends will be picked up more quickly and accurately, businesses will be boom and bust, gone is the age of 100+ year business empires in the metaverse.

Are there any any interesting ideas of this future stand out to you @Fradique ?

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1,000,000,000,000 transactions per second
Divided by 8,019,716,672 humans alive.

That’s 124.69 transactions per second per human on earth.
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 3.59.05 PM

I will change my answer to hyper advanced health monitoring applications. Every disease, illness and aging as we know it will cured. Is that bullish or what?

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Hello skylor. I appreciate the interesting insight you bring about privacy in a 1Trillion TPS/s Metaverse as it also somewhat relates to topic of Identity when bridging to cyberspace (and to what extent one must give up some sort of security at such scale)

The idea that most stands out to me in this scenario reveals a fully on-chain ownerless worlds controlled by the users (autonomous). Ideally permissionless, open and public, as you mentioned in your last paragraph.

Today, games stand as the most popular modality. One can argue that a future, better performance may enhance the design of multi-modality patterns in such autonomous worlds (for example, refining speech, writing, gestures and gazes in the Metaverse), as well as better interoperability and network effects between the Metaverses. Too much to ask, I guess :sweat_smile:?

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Uow! Bullish and inspiring!

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