Problem syncing/plotting beyond block 64

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— I 've tried both on CLI and GUI to set up and sync. In over a dozen situations, I’ve not been able to get past block 64. I always get stuck at block 1, 16, 35, 64. Upon trying to delete everything to restart plotting I get stuck again.
"Tried all versions from 0.6.1 to 0.6.6. Already wasted a lot of money on bandwith data.
My system specs is: 16gb RAM, intel core i7 11th gen, SSD

Can you add a picture of what the node logs are saying in CLI?

It seems like there are no peers, and so your nodes are not syncing.

Have you downloaded the most recent snapshot?

Yes, I always update to the most recent! always! now on 0.6.7

Why can’t nobody help me at all?

What could be my solution to solve this issue?