Plotting affects on reward amount very much

Some users with particularly large total plots complain that plotting (and replotting) noticeably reduces the number of rewards they receive (up to 2x less). What follows are some observations and experiments of one such person.

So far he has developed the following strategy: he creates plots on one farmer, while the farming itself takes place on another farmer. He transfers the finished plots from one farmer to another. So, plotting affects the rewards within one farmer. It is for the sake of this strategy that he has to split plots into a large number of small plots. According to him, plotting cuts down the number of rewards very much.

System specs #1:
CPU: 5900X
RAM: 128 GB DDR4
Drives: 3 x 7.68 TB SATA SSD

System specs #2:
CPU: 2x2696v3
RAM: 64 GB
Drives: 3 x 7.68 TB SATA SSD

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Hm, interesting. I think we’ll have to revisit in the next iteration of Gemini after prediction window is introduced into the protocol.

One option would be to limit CPU usage for replotting specifically. Plotting is intended to use as much CPU as it needs to finish as soon as possible, but we actually trigger replotting a bit ahead of time such that plot never contains outdated sectors and can always farm with the whole space, so there should be still plenty of time to finish replotting by the time sector actually expires even if replotting is slower than initial plotting.

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