Plot size setting not acurate

Hello, I was under the impression that each subplot is about 103 GiB, but maybe that is not true.

I have a farmer set at --plot-size 9800G but it generated 171 sub plot folders. They range in size between 2.2 GiB and 114 GiB

The sum of all of these still is 9.4 TiB. I wonder why the allocation in the sub plot dirs varies so much.

du -hs plot*
112G plot0
113G plot1
112G plot10
2.2G plot100
2.2G plot101
2.2G plot102
2.2G plot103
2.2G plot104
2.2G plot105
2.2G plot106
2.2G plot107
2.2G plot108
2.2G plot109
112G plot11
2.2G plot110
2.2G plot111
2.2G plot112
2.2G plot113
2.2G plot114
2.2G plot115
2.2G plot116
2.2G plot117
2.2G plot118
2.2G plot119
113G plot12
2.2G plot120
2.2G plot121
2.2G plot122
2.2G plot123
2.2G plot124
2.2G plot125
2.2G plot126
2.2G plot127
2.2G plot128
2.2G plot129
112G plot13
2.2G plot130
2.2G plot131
2.2G plot132
2.2G plot133
2.2G plot134
2.2G plot135
2.2G plot136
2.2G plot137
2.2G plot138
2.2G plot139
112G plot14
2.2G plot140
2.2G plot141
2.2G plot142
2.2G plot143
2.2G plot144
2.2G plot145
2.2G plot146
2.2G plot147
2.2G plot148
2.2G plot149
112G plot15
2.2G plot150
2.2G plot151
2.2G plot152
2.2G plot153
2.2G plot154
2.2G plot155
2.2G plot156
2.2G plot157
2.2G plot158
2.2G plot159
111G plot16
2.2G plot160
2.2G plot161
2.2G plot162
2.2G plot163
2.2G plot164
2.2G plot165
2.2G plot166
2.2G plot167
2.2G plot168
2.2G plot169
114G plot17
2.2G plot170
113G plot18
112G plot19
112G plot2
113G plot20
112G plot21
114G plot22
113G plot23
111G plot24
113G plot25
112G plot26
113G plot27
112G plot28
112G plot29
112G plot3
112G plot30
112G plot31
111G plot32
112G plot33
114G plot34
110G plot35
112G plot36
112G plot37
111G plot38
112G plot39
111G plot4
114G plot40
113G plot41
114G plot42
114G plot43
114G plot44
113G plot45
113G plot46
111G plot47
113G plot48
113G plot49
112G plot5
113G plot50
111G plot51
112G plot52
112G plot53
115G plot54
112G plot55
113G plot56
113G plot57
112G plot58
112G plot59
112G plot6
111G plot60
114G plot61
113G plot62
112G plot63
114G plot64
110G plot65
114G plot66
112G plot67
114G plot68
112G plot69
112G plot7
113G plot70
110G plot71
112G plot72
114G plot73
112G plot74
108G plot75
113G plot76
113G plot77
112G plot78
113G plot79
112G plot8
113G plot80
111G plot81
112G plot82
110G plot83
2.2G plot84
2.2G plot85
2.2G plot86
2.2G plot87
2.2G plot88
2.2G plot89
111G plot9
2.2G plot90
2.2G plot91
2.2G plot92
2.2G plot93
2.2G plot94
2.2G plot95
2.2G plot96
2.2G plot97
2.2G plot98
2.2G plot99

@ivan-subspace can you take a look at this?

Did you increase your plot size after node and farmer restart?

I did that too, while trying to figure out, while some plot dirs are not 103 G or more, but definitely even before increasing the size, the distribution was uneven.

We don’t have plot resizing implemented yet, so in case you increase your plot size after some time you will get incorrect plots (therefore you won’t get rewards for that space). You should resync now with updated plot size (wipe all the node and farmer’s data and start over)

Ok thanks, can you share in a few words why the node is tightly connected to the farmer? Why can’t I wipe out farmer only, have it replot and keep the synced node state?

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