Plot Size and More Node?

Hello, I have two questions for Gemini 3f ITN;
1-) How many can be the maximum plot size ?
2-) Is it free to run more than one node for a wallet address ?

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There were no such restrictions mentioned in Introducing the Gemini III Incentivized Testnet Phase, so:

  1. No limit
  2. Yes, any number of nodes, any number of wallets

Okey Nazar , thank you

I have a doubt, is a 1TB plot much more profitable than a 100GB one without a limit, is it that the bigger the plot the higher the chance of popping it?

Iā€™m not sure what doubt you have exactly. The chance of getting a reward is directly proportional to the amount of space pledged.

ok, I see, so 1 1TB plot has the same reward as 10 100GB plots right?

Yes, but please ask separate questions in separate threads