Pause and resume FAMER and NODE on window

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  • 8 uCPU:
  • RAM 32GB:
  • 1TB:
  • Plot Size:
  • Subspace Deployment Method:


Hi, I want to ask that… how can I pause farming and node process to shut down computer (window) and when I open, I can continue start without download from Plotted segment segment_index=0 ?

On ubuntu, I install node via guru, so I can pause and resume ( or just resume if server down) but I dont know how to do it on window, thank you

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If you are planning to shut down your computer you can just close the farmer and node windows then shutdown.

As long as you are not planning on changing your plot size you should only have to plot once.

When your computer restarts, you just start your node and farmer like normal

hi @ALPHANOMICON, thank for your answer
“you just start your node and farmer like normal”

it’s mean I just run this command

# Replace `INSERT_YOUR_ID` with a nickname you choose
# Copy all of the lines below, they are all part of the same command
.\subspace-node-windows-x86_64-gemini-2a-2022-sep-10.exe `
--chain gemini-2a `
--execution wasm `
--state-pruning archive `
--validator `


# Replace `WALLET_ADDRESS` below with your account address from Polkadot.js wallet
.\subspace-farmer-windows-x86_64-gemini-2a-2022-sep-10.exe farm  `
--reward-address WALLET_ADDRESS `
--plot-size 100G

… is it right?

Yes, you run those commands just like you did the first time and it will start to catch up for w where to left off