Сoin disappeared from wallet balance

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Question from Discord: Signed a block, the balance was 1 coin then few moments later balance 0 again.

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Short-term forks (1-2 blocks) naturally appear on the network from time to time:

2022-06-12 08:31:01 [PrimaryChain] ✨ Imported #167524 (0xc9b1…369b)    
2022-06-12 08:31:01 [PrimaryChain] ♻️  Reorg on #167524,0xc9b1…369b to #167524,0x5f0b…7a41, common ancestor #167523,0x5dc5…4682    
2022-06-12 08:31:01 [PrimaryChain] ✨ Imported #167524 (0x5f0b…7a41)    

If your block ended up on the fork that the network discarded, you won’t get the corresponding reward. Сoins in the current farmnet have no value, and you need only 1 coin to get a reward as an early tester!

So does that mean, even I got 2 or 3 coins, I don’t get extra reward?

During the stress test period, the number of credits earned will not affect your qualification for the early participation rewards. However, once we launch the incentivized testnet, the credits you farm will have value and be reflected proportionally on mainnet.

So you mean the more testnetSSC we farm on one server, the more reward we will get?

But as mentioned before( see the picture below), only the first testnetSSC will get participation reward, and the subsequent tSSC will not give us extra reward.

It’s confusing.

I think this is the wrong thread for this topic, in the future please feel free to start a new post. Please be aware that currently we are in the “stress test” period so what Skyler wrote is correct. I simply added a clarification that by the time we launch the incentivized testnet, likely in a month or earlier, the credits (tokens) you farm will have a value on mainnet.

For the current stage you are correct, tokens farmed during “stress test” period don’t have any value so you just need one to qualify for the early adopter rewards. However, I would suggest to farm a few blocks for safety. See below for more info on why.

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