Object storage and retrieval examples

Hello, I have been trying to recreate the examples featured on the Subpsace.js repo for putting and retrieving data from the chain but it appears the farmer websocket RPC server (on port 9955) was removed from the project a month ago. As far as I can tell this was the only way to find a previously stored object by using the findObject method. Is this still possible to do using some other RPC call?

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Hello we are making some improvements to the subspace.js process it is quite out of date at this time, we should have some exciting updates here soon which will help this process out quite a bit from a development perspective

Thanks - one more question, is there any way of retrieving actual data stored in the feeds? I looked but I can only find methods for getting the total size and count.

Yes, Generally this is done with the objectID that is provided when the data is submitted, though there are some additional ways to parse through the data through typical brute force manners. You can also parse blocks for block authors and return X data from each block author then retrieve the data from there.

Once again though this will be much clearer and better documented here soon :slight_smile:

Could you describe how this is done exactly with the object ID without using the removed farmer WS endpoint? Is there some RPC method you pass it to? Much appreciated, I am currently working on this - https://subspacelabs.notion.site/Take-Home-Interview-Project-2fc0ca5d34d64300af6580be42ea9557