Node sync troubles (forks/33581/old snaps/network usage/archival vs non-archival mode)

My original questions are answered already, maybe other people will find it helpful

  • idk how to connect to a true fork (and why there are forks in the first place); people say true fork is here: Polkadot/Substrate Portal
  • my node stopped syncing at block 33581 (it was 4th-5th attempt)
  • how does new snap can get affected or go into old snap’s fork? basically why do old update is affecting a new update
  • i’m running my node on a remote server with limited monthly traffic. This node used more than 30% in three days (a little less than 1673 GB). Can we somehow reduce the traffic usage?
  • I launched my node in archival mode first - it took up all my storage. I purged everything and restarted it as non-archival > farmer is taking up 87.4gb / node 47gb

Answered by @nazar-pc
Both old and new nodes are on the same network, that is why they affect each other.
Old nodes are also the reason why so much bandwidth is wasted because they serve old blocks, that can only be checked once downloaded, this might even waste some disk space as well.

We’re working on improving sync speed with more archival nodes and waiting for old nodes to upgrade (most are upgraded, but quite a few still didn’t).

Block 33581 where many got stuck is on the canonical chain, so it should proceed further eventually, just let the node stay the way it is.

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If you haven’t yet, please download the latest release that addresses that specific issue of being stuck around 30k block height.