Node not generating TSSC

Issue Report


  • Operating System:

  • CPU Architecture:
    4 Core

  • RAM:
    8GB Ram

  • Storage:

  • Plot Size:

  • Subspace Deployment Method:


No TSSC is generating in Users account

Steps to reproduce

  1. Allow node to run fully synced for 48+ hours

Expected result

  • Receive some TSSC in reward address.

What happens instead

  • 0 TSSC

Unsure why he would have this issue as I have not run into it.

Original convo here (and in DM): Telegram: Contact @subspace_network

[Paste error here]
``` the user did mention one error he got, but unsure if its related as his node is fully synced.

WARN single_disk_plot{disk_farm_index=0}: subspace_networking::utils::piece_provider: Couldn't get a piece from DSN. Retrying... piece_index=1052159

I checked to make sure he's on the correct chain and his node is synced (it is)

Have the user verify a couple things.

  1. They are looking on the right network for the balance in the wallet or explorer (also ensure they are visiting the right explorer link for gemini-3c

  2. Verify the user has the right address provided in their cli config file.[OUTDATED: NEW VERSIONS ENCODE THE REWARD ADDRESS, IF YOU ARE USING PAST VERSION 0.3.0 YOU NEED TO RE-INIT TO CORRECT THE REWARD ADDRESS.]

    Note: The settings.toml file is supposed to show the base substrate address which starts with a 5... to learn more about this difference please visit this forum post covering wallets.

    You can find the Settings.toml in the following areas


    • $HOME/Library/Application Support/subspace-cli/settings.toml


    • $HOME/.config/subspace-cli/settings.toml


    • %AppData%/subspace-cli/settings.toml
  3. if their address is right, then we will want to check the logs available in the following areas


    • $HOME/Library/Logs/subspace-cli/


    • $HOME/.local/share/subspace-cli/logs


    • %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/subspace-cli/logs
  4. In the logs the user will want to look for an output along the lines of the following which will indicate they won a reward

    Note: There are two ways to win a reward, a vote or a block being won

    Block Won:

    2023-03-24T14:19:39.151844Z  INFO sc_basic_authorship::basic_authorship: 🎁 Prepared block for proposing at #### (... ms) [hash: ...

    Vote Won:

    2023-03-24T05:45:46.545700Z  INFO subspace: 🗳️ Claimed vote at slot ####...
  5. From here you will want to ensure there is no other major errors in the logs of the farmer, if there are not please report the logs back to this post so we can investigate further

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The person mentioned above is me, the reward address and other information I entered in the Settings.toml file are as follows:

"chain = “Gemini3c”

reward_address = “1e4d4b2a962f59f634356c07000e3c305635ee61ccae249de079b1675b481569”
plot_directory = “/root/.local/share/subspace-cli/plots”
plot_size = “50.0 GB”

cache_size = “1000.0 MB”

directory = “/root/.local/share/subspace-cli/node”
name = “singlegun”


appears, but my subspace address is
st6wvLDnb69P2QottxD3a35Nov1RxahcwNBubTMsEKCcX1MoZ” is everything correct here? when installing node I entered the subspace address starting with “st” and I’m pretty sure it’s correct, and so far my TSSC score has never increased.

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Hello singlegun

It appears your subspace Gemini 3c address wins rewards:

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yes, the reward started to come right after I wrote the message, but I couldn’t edit my message because the message I wrote was sent to the approval in the forum. Sorry please… My node started earning bounties about 5 days after catching the current blog. thank you…

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For anyone else who is looking for answers to this question, the reward address in the configuration document is encoded. It is expected that it does not match the wallet you provided when setting up.


can you check my address? i caught up with the block over a week ago but no rewards


You can check your reward, go to step 3 in this post it explains how

my nodo was synchronized and the correct block
I can’t find my address in point 3

Per a team member

Blockquote This actually isn’t a bug but rather a warning, it is something to be expected on a Decentralized Storage Network. Which this version utilizes, instead of the normal node sync. Because of this there is nothing you need to do as a user with this warning, its likely it will come up occasionally but as long as there aren’t other more catastrophic errors it can be ignored.

This is referring to The “warn couldn’t get a piece of DSN error”

Another user found it took a few days to get rewards, I’ve seen some go faster.

If your node is completely synced the plotting phase initially completed I would give it some time and see if you generates TSSC

my node has been synchronized for more than two weeks! I am not receiving rewards. what should I do???

Keep in mind friend this this is a stress net, you are not at any disadvantage right now even if for some reason we are having difficulty confirming your rewards. When the incentivized test net comes out it is significantly more polished and wont have as many bumps.

I appreciate you trying to work through this, I know its frustrating, but we will figure it out.

First would id like to do is get more info on your set up. It may be something stalled out somewhere, but we need more info to do it.

You can create a new post under the support category and it will have the information pre filled in Draft area.


You can go to the top of this post and see the template I used to help the other user.


Hey @Screem003 just following up with you would you mind posting yours logs and configuration file so I can take a look?

how to do it?
I have access to the node now from my phone. what command should I send?

Sorry about the confusion Screem, looks like this is actually related to the bug you reported here: 🐞 [Bug]: CLI Hangs at Initial Plotting · Issue #158 · subspace/subspace-cli · GitHub

For the time being my best advice is to wait for Gemini-3d to come out which will contain the fixes for this bug. Dont worry we should be launching 3d here soon.

I installed 3c and still haven’t dropped a coin. The node is fully synced and more than 14 days have already passed. I read here and if check in the Settings.toml file and there the reward address is different from my usual one. But I am sure that I indicated my address from previous testnets. How to be now?

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I need to update the above as now the reward address is encoded in a non-readable format in the settings.toml.

Gemini-3c had a few issues I would suggest updating to Gemini-3d, unfortunately you will have to wipe but the chain is much smaller and there have been some improvements so you should be able to sync up a bit quicker.