Node knocks out internet in whole house

Yeah no luck here either even with the dsn settings. This time I’ve killed the farmer and let the node going and I got the network back.

There was a spike in TCP connections around the time the network went down as seen in the graph.

@Fradique Is this something the dev team is looking into? Any clues at this point?

Hello Ed

Correct. A known issue escalated to devs. I appreciate your patience.

May be add this to hosts file will reduce workload on router  bootstrap-0  bootstrap-1  bootstrap-2 

I’ve been using gemini-3c-2023-mar-23 with default settings for a few days now and my network isn’t breaking down. I still see ocasional errors while browsing the internet although I’m not completely sure I can attribute to subspace node/farmer.
@Hoan_Wu do you think adding those entries to the host file is still relevant for gemini-3c-2023-mar-23? Can you shed some light on what those bootstrap domains are used for? Thanks.