New Snapshot Release

We are excited to announce that a new snapshot release is available for download. If you were not able to fully sync to the network thus far, we highly recommend everyone to download the latest jun-18 snapshot and participate in the consensus before the end of Gemini Phase 1 on June 27, 2022, at 5 pm UTC.

The latest snapshot contains fixes for the issue regarding the --keep-blocks parameter when starting the node. This means farmers are now able to choose between running an archival node or a full node. Running a full node will remove the need to store the full chain history. This will lighten the 60G storage requirement to just 10G that was needed in addition to what they initially pledged as plots. Those who used the --keep-blocks command will finally be able to see reduced storage usage.

Download the New Release:

CLI: Release gemini-1b-2022-jun-18 · subspace/subspace · GitHub

Subspace Desktop: Release 0.6.9 · subspace/subspace-desktop · GitHub

  • The snapshot will reduce space used by full nodes while archival nodes will continue to see disk usage growing.
  • It will likely improve the reward frequency for small farmers since they don’t have to allocate 60+G of space for node history.

tSSC Rewards

As we previously announced, we are allocating a substantial amount of 0.3% of the total token supply at mainnet launch for Gemini Phase 1 to reward early adopters.

Rewards will only be distributed to farmers who have participated in farming and earned tSSC credits. Therefore please make sure to download the latest snapshot release and get your node fully synced and participate in consensus before the end of Gemini Phase 1.

If you missed our previous announcement about the Gemini Phase 1 end date & reward distribution plan, please see the full announcement here: Gemini Phase 1 End Date


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