Latest prerelease aarch64 builds throw exec format error

Using a Raspberry Pi4 to try out the latest two prerelease Docker containers gemini-1b-2022-jul-27-aarch64 and gemini-1b-2022-jul-24-aarch64 is throwing an exec format error from both node and farmer suggesting they are targeting a different architecture. The last time it definitely ran on the Pi was with the current ‘latest’ tagged gemini-1b-2022-jun-18-aarch64 which does still work.

Another Discord member @Nirnaeth has had the same issue with the latest prerelease builds on Ubuntu 16.04 aarch64.

Are these environments supported? Can anyone confirm if there are any ARM environments where these builds do work?

Ubuntu 16.04 is unsupported (only 20.04+ is), you have to build from source for such an old distro.

And is Raspbian still supported? It’s only the last two Docker image builds that throw the exec format error.

jim@raspberrypi4:~/subspace-testnet/raspberrypi4 $ uname -m

Generally we support Ubuntu specifically with pre-builts, though it will run on Debian and other distros with compatible glibc for separate executables and for container images any distro with new enough glibc should work.

exec format error though says that you have an executable that your kernel doesn’t know how to run.

This was caused by typo in CI workflow, here is the fix: Fix Aarch64 CI workflow by nazar-pc · Pull Request #763 · subspace/subspace · GitHub

Next snapshot will have working Aarch64 images.

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New snapshot Release gemini-1b-2022-aug-17 · subspace/subspace · GitHub should be built soon, let me know if it works for you (wait for a bit for CI to finish: Merge pull request #763 from subspace/aarch64-ci-fix · subspace/subspace@e30d20a · GitHub)

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Thanks Nazar! I’ll get it tested later today.

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Confirmed all working on latest Docker image. Thanks again.

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