Issue with cache-group

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Documentation specifies:

subspace-farmer cluster --nats-server nats://<NATS_IP>:4222 \
    controller \
        --cache-group group1 \
        --base-path /path/to/controller-dir \
        --node-rpc-url ws://<NODE_IP>:<NODE_PORT>

I have defined on Portainer Stacks:

        "--nats-server", "nats_prec:4222",
        #"--cache-group group_prec",


        "--nats-server", "nats_prec:4222",
        #"--cache-group group_prec",
        "--base-path", "/controller",
        "--node-rpc-url", "ws://ss_pnode:9944"      ]

If I try to enable this --cache-group option, then I am getting error - what I missed?

error: unexpected argument '--cache-group group' found
  tip: a similar argument exists: '--cache-group'
  tip: to pass '--cache-group group' as a value, use '-- --cache-group group'
Usage: subspace-farmer cluster --nats-servers <NATS_SERVERS> controller --cache-group <CACHE_GROUP> [-- <ADDITIONAL_COMPONENTS>...]
For more information, try '--help'.


  • **Operating System: Ubuntu (VM)
  • **Pulsar/Advanced CLI/Docker: Docker - Swarm


Docker container crashing if trying to use --cache-group option

Status update.

I do have two servers with two NAT, Cache and Controller instances without this -cache-group option. Cache sync at least on one server seems to go well (other is quite slow), but plotting is not yet really started. So only Node is shared between these two servers (connected via 10gbit LAN). But it looks that my setup works reasonable ok.

Correct syntax is this:

  "–cache-group", "group_prec”,

As you can see with other options, key and value are in separate strings. It is not the same as running it in CLI directly where space is all you need.