Initial plotting stuck at the begining


Node v 0.1.12 is synced (node name - inoutik) but when it’s start to initial plotting - just stuck at 32 mb. Wait for several days - no changes.

System Information

Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.15.0-67-generic x86_64)
Metal server with i7-8550U CPU 16gb Ram, 1Tb ssd in private network (all ports are redirected)

Steps to reproduce:

Start node according to the instructions and wait

Actual Results:

Please see attached screenshots.

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I’ve had a similar issue. Still working on solution/answers please keep an eye on this thread. Thanks for helping test!

Unfortunately Gemini-3c has a plotting issue that neither an upgrade nor a downgrade of the software will fix. Please stay tuned for an imminent announcement about testing on Gemini-3d. Sorry you got caught with this issue but this is what pre-release testnets are for.

And thanks again for helping us test the network!

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I have this same issue with the new release for gemini 3d.

Gemini 3d is still getting a few refinements, which is why we are still awaiting its full launch. I appreciate all your testing and feedback through this process, hopefully we will have a release here soon to touch on some of these bugs.

Was this on the cli or the binaries?

(just curious as we just released a new snapshot which should resolve some issues, gemini-3d-2023-apr-05 might be able to get plotting up and running again, would love to hear your feedback if youd like.)

This was with the cli. I tried the new apr 05 binaries and am synced but get this error when trying to plot which shuts the farmer down completely. I have a thread up about it as well.

when you switched over to Gemini-3d from 3c did you wipe the farmer and node?

Yes, everything is fresh.

Okay thank you for the report.

@shamil I believe this is a farmer issue, he is on the latest snapshot (April 5) and is running on the following system specs

Win 10
E5-2690 V4
23 SSDs in Raid 0

If you think this might be more along another engineers lines please feel free to tag them.

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Currently, gemini-3d DSN is unresponsive because of the collision with gemini-3c network. This behavior obstructs farming. We’re implementing the network partition to prevent this which is similar to Substrate solution - including the genesis-hash in network protocols info that allows banning peers from separate networks.


Just for info. After i migrate to Gemini-3d - all works fine. No changes in server config or internet connection.

Thank you for the update!