How to make PoC Incentive-Compatible while…

Wazzup, Community?

Keen to know your thoughts on how to make Proof of Capacity Incentive-Compatible while…

  • Maintaining the security guarantees?
  • Maintaining decentralisation?
  • Sort of getting the best of both worlds?


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Some ideas :eyes:

  • Incentivise nodes to store history: PoAS
  • Separate Consensus and Compute: DecEx
  • Spread History Across all Nodes: DSN

Maintaining the security guarantees? :globe_with_meridians:
You can consider the project as a citizen of a particular country, people with two or three nationalities feel safer. Also, the project can be multifaceted in terms of legal areas of presence.

Maintaining decentralisation? :page_with_curl:
To get away from the classification of the user’s nationality, he is just a person, no matter what country and what language he speaks. Otherwise, any country is exposed to risks, financial, political or military.

Sort of getting the best of both worlds? :ballot_box_with_check:
As Buterin said, it is impossible to keep up with three hares, but three is not two =)