How to create reward address from seed:

If you have farmed during the stress test or need to upgrade your desktop farmer app, you will need to provide a valid reward address to keep your place. For now the preferred wallet is the default option provided by Polkadot.

Follow these steps to import your seed phrase and create a reward address for your farmer:

  • With your seed phrase, go to polkadot.js
  • Click on Extension this will take you to the page for downloading your compatible wallet
  • Download the browser extension
  • Once downloaded, open the extension. At the top right there will be a + button. Click that.
  • Select the option “Import account from pre-existing seed”
  • Input your seed phrase, and move through the prompts to name your account and set a password
  • You may select “Allow use on any chain” to create a wallet that is compatible with all Substrate apps
  • Once imported, you will have a unique icon within the extension, click this to copy your public or reward address
  • Paste this address into the farmer, and you are good to go! Now all of your farming rewards will be received by this address.

To check your balance, navigate to the Gemini testnet block explorer. As long as you are logged into the extension your balance will appear here.

Hope this helps!

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